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Self-efficacy is your belief in your own abilities to deal with a situation or complete a task. Also looked at as your belief in your own ability to succeed. People with a low self-efficacy often have trouble succeeding in different situations because they don’t believe they can do it. If you have no faith in yourself and tell yourself, you can’t do something you will never achieve it. For example, if you want to lose 10 pounds but are constantly telling yourself that it’s to difficult and will never get there, then you will never lose those 10 pounds. Working on improving your self-efficacy is extremely important to your success in life.

Ways to Build Your Self-Efficacy:

  1. Celebrate Your Success: When you succeed at something don’t just brush it off, start to take pride in your successes and it can help you to build a stronger belief in your abilities.
  2. Observe Others: Seeing others trying to succeed and believing in their own success can improve your belief in your own ability to succeed. In this step it is the most helpful to observe someone that is like you. The more alike you are the more likely it is that your self-efficacy will improve from observing this individual.
  3. Seek Positive Feedback: Surrounding yourself by people that lift you up instead of tear you down is extremely important. Having people around you to tell you that you have the ability do something can greatly increase your self-efficacy.
  4. Pay Attention to Thoughts and Emotions: Managing your thoughts and emotions is important to improving your self-efficacy. Often being stressed or anxious about something can really hold you back. Trying your best to try and manage this anxiety and stress can have a big impact on increasing your self-efficacy. It is also easy to get caught up thinking about negative thoughts, try and look toward the positives instead.

Self-efficacy can have a huge impact in just about every aspect of your life. Life is full of challenges and having the proper self-efficacy plays a big part in your ability to deal with these challenges.

Follow these steps to start building your self-efficacy today!