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Ways to Stay Connected

  1. Pick up the telephone and call someone. Call and chat with grandchildren, other family members, or friends. Schedule regular social calls in the same way you would schedule routine work meetings. If possible, make them video calls using FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, or other video-calling options.
  2. Start a text or email chain with friends or family about good articles to read, videos to watch, podcasts to listen to, television shows to watch, songs to listen to, etc.
  3. Use technology to connect with family and friends beyond simple calls. From Facebook to FaceTime, Skype, and Zoom, there are plenty of options available. Try sharing movie nights, Sunday suppers or Happy Hours; or even playing online games together using apps.
  4. Invite people to join you in an interactive online discussion group or book club.
  5. Exercise with a friend or family member at a safe distance. Plan to attend the same online workouts, or schedule online dance parties.
  6. Hang out in your yard and interact with neighbors. Pull up your lawn chair and chat across the fence while they work in their yards or wash their cars.
  7. Spend more time in the park.
  8. Volunteer with community support groups for outreach calls to support others who are not socially connected.
  9. Check on neighbors who live alone to ensure they are okay. Ask if they need anything before you go to the grocery store.
  10. Start watching TV shows or movies at the same time with friends, then connect with them to discuss.
  11. Call or video-chat with friends while taking virtual tours together of museums, national parks, and more.
  12. Start a recipe exchange with family or friends.
  13. Tune in to live-streamed concerts and other events together.
  14. Think of other fun activities you can do virtually with your family or friends, such as looking through photo albums or cooking together.
  15. Write letters, poems or stories, and/or draw pictures, and share them with family and friends back and forth through the mail.