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Empowering Lives With Tech

Tech and AI for Independence & Advocacy

  • Ever wondered how the magic of technology can change lives? Join us for an inspiring dive into the world of tech and AI where possibilities are endless! From gadgets that make daily tasks a breeze to smart tools that amplify our voice, technology is reshaping how we live, advocate, and dream. Whether you’re a student, caregiver, professional, or just curious about how tech can improve your life, this event is for YOU. Come discover groundbreaking tools, connect with tech influencers, and take a step into a future where everyone gets to live their best life.


  • Presentations from Tech Influencers and Advocates (60 minutes)
  • Tech demonstrations and discussion (60 minutes)


Jul 25 2024


10:00 am - 12:00 pm


Lindsey Zalack

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