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Tech Thursday: Alexa Flex with Phill Kirk

Tech Thursdays are easy-to-understand events where tech experts come to talk about cool and interesting technology topics. Each Thursday, you get to learn about different tech stuff – like the latest gadgets, apps, or computer tips – in a simple, friendly way.

The Alexa Flex is a compact, plug-in smart speaker that brings the convenience of voice control to any room. It’s designed to fit easily into small spaces and can be used to operate smart home devices, play music, get information, and more, all through simple voice commands. With its built-in Alexa capabilities, the Flex offers a user-friendly and adaptable way to add smart technology to your home without taking up much space.

Featuring Ohio Tech Ambassador Phill Kirk.

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Feb 08 2024


11:00 am - 12:00 pm


Ohio Tech Ambassadors


Online Event


Ohio Tech Ambassador Network
Ohio Tech Ambassador Network