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Tech Thursday: Aspirational Tech (aka window shopping) with Jen Schlegel

Tech Thursdays are easy-to-understand events where tech experts come to talk about cool and interesting technology topics. Each Thursday, you get to learn about different tech stuff – like the latest gadgets, apps, or computer tips – in a simple, friendly way.

This presentation is all about exploring the coolest and most cutting-edge gadgets and technology out there – the kind of stuff we dream about having. Think of it as window shopping for tech: we’ll look at the latest innovations, from super-smart home devices to advanced personal gadgets, and discuss what makes them so exciting and desirable. It’s perfect for anyone who loves to keep up with the latest tech trends and imagine the possibilities of the future!

Featuring Ohio Tech Ambassador Jen Schlegel.

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Feb 29 2024


11:00 am - 12:00 pm


Ohio Tech Ambassadors


Online Event


Ohio Tech Ambassador Network
Ohio Tech Ambassador Network